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Vision, Mission & Objectives


Our vision is to establish our college as a centre for excellence in the field of higher education


The mission of Armapore P.G. College is to empower individuals to achieve their educational, professional and personal goals. Armapore P.G. College is intended to serve the needs of students, who are serious about completing a degree and post graduation in various subjects.


1. To impart quality education in higher classes to the children of  factory employees (O.F.C., S.A.F. & F.G.K.) and nearby rural and urban people.

2. To encourage and inspire those students who are not resourceful but they are intelligent, talented and have desire to achieve higher education through harmonious development of character and self-dependence in becoming a good citizen.

3. To familiarize students about the progress of the scientific knowledge at the national and international level through the three basic aspects (teaching, learning and evolution) of education.

4. To develop the views and to aware the students through audio-visual aids, seminars, conferences, group discussions and interaction with other agencies regarding the social issues and social evils like Environmental pollution, Aids, Population growth etc.

5. To prepare for vocational education in various fields (arts & commerce).

6. To organise sports, N.C.C., N.S.S. & cultural activities among students for the growth of their sportsmanship sprite and with mutual understanding, knowledge based on moral values.

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